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Welcome Stranger (Monique diMattina)1 - Welcome Stranger Cover

Monique diMattina, Fulbright scholar come Singer/Songwriter launches her second album - Welcome Stranger.

Known for exquisite piano stylings ('Senses' 2009 enjoyed extensive ABC and BBC  airplay), diMattina glides for the first time into the Jazz/Pop territory of her teen idol Rickie Lee Jones in this impressive release.  Musical collaborators include guitar and bass virtuosi Doug de Vries, Sam Lemann and Ben Robertson, Steve Grant (C.W.Stoneking - accordion/trumpet) and perennial bluesman Andrew Swann on drums/guitars.

No stranger to songwriting or singing, diMattina returned to Melbourne to record Welcome Stranger following several years working in New York City, with artists as diverse as Lou Reed, Bjork and the bands of Peter Gabriel, Suzanne Vega and Norah Jones. 

Welcome Stranger pays homage to diMattina's hometown, humour and pathos gloriously entwining in songs such as the blues-hip 'Livingest Place' ("the weather man tries but he really doesn't know") sardonic 'Joan of Burwood' ("all she ever does is burn the steak..") and includes one cover - compatriat Paul Kelly's 'Dumb Things'.

Stylistically Welcome Stranger's catchy grooves draw from lyrical country blues and New Orleans roots.  Fans of the solo piano album Senses will recognise the characteristic diMattina elegance and mystic serenity, which national audiences can look forward to enjoying soon - extensive touring is planned in early 2011.


”Sophisticated and playful”  Dave Graney, 3RRR

“Sweetly wry…Livingest Place is surely the nicest and slyest ‘Melbourne-v-Sydney’ song, ever.”  Doug Spencer, ABC Radio National

"She sings New Orleans stompers as confidently as she sings supple, tiny lullabies; this is an album with room for both and more. I like it. It feels as though it’s about us and from the place we live."  Chris Johnston, The Age

”diMattina’s second feel-good album is upbeat and bluesy..her seductive skills on keys and Steve Grant’s trumpet solos reach new heights. From French bohemian to dedicated blues to sweet lullabies, Welcome Stranger is bound to win you over one way or another."  Tiffany Bridger, Rave Magazine

"Sweetly seductive" Jessica Nicholas, The Age

"Cherishing each note she plays and the spaces between them" Doug Spencer, ABC Radio National

"Calm notes with a sharp intelligence"  Sue Roberts, BBC Radio

“A touch, tone and sensibility only found in artists of the highest caliber” Dr Tony Gould


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