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Time Of My Life (Joe Camilleri)1 - Time Of My Life_Cover


Joe Camilleri is an icon of Australian music and without doubt one of Melbourne’s finest musical exports.  He has paved the way for four generations of singers and songwriters, writing and recording an enormous catalogue of incredible music for nearly 50 years.


Since 1964 Camilleri has gigged, written, toured, wailed and shaken it. From Altona to Cooktown, from Oslo to Cannes and all over his beloved hometown of Melbourne, Joe Camilleri’s undeniable energy together with his indefatigable passion for music keeps Camilleri going and the punters coming back for more.


This disc, updated in 2013*, contains just some of the tunes Joe has carried with him on this incredible journey...


For more info and his other releases, go to his Artist Page.

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