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1 - UnnamedThe Many Moods Of The Beachniks (The Beachniks)

THE MANY MOOD OF THE BEACHNIKS is all about the Beachnik's nu-surf sounds. Worlds collide right from the MANY MOODS' opener, RIDING OUT, where reggae meets kinky rockabilly. MAGIC FARAWAY DUB heads off to a spooky dub sound and lazily delivers us to AUNTIE JEAN (how many cities in one day here?). The sounds of bright trumpet, fat fat bass grooves and clean guitars are the order of the day. THE MOUNTJOY PARADE is an ode to Lorne's main drag and L.A.G.O. is for chilling out  after a hard da working the face!

Check out the jazz-pop-reggae grooves of the Beachniks debut!


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