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Silent Catalyst  (Sonic Lifeform with Jen Anderson)1 - Cover_Silent Catalyst

Sonic Lifeform is the collaborative name under which Jen Anderson and Tim Shanasy have chosen to release this eclectic selection of contemporary instrumentals.  

They were inspired by Tim’s beautiful Bechstein Grand piano and Jen’s treasured old violin and viola to make some ‘organic’ relaxing music.  They have been improvising together for many years, and their work is often created spontaneously.  The outcome has a freeflow ‘neoclassical’ feel to it.  The album was originally released in October 1999 and is now being re-released in 2003.

This is the third CD release for Jen, who has formerly released a pop EP entitled ‘SEEK’, and a quartet-based music score which she wrote for the silent movie ‘PANDORA’S BOX’.

Jen has toured and recorded with many of the country’s best known rock, folk and country artists, including the Balck Sorrows, Weddings Parties Anything, Tim Rogers (You Am I), Tiddas, Archie Roach, The Waifs and most recently with ambient rock artist Moby as violinist.  

Jen composes music for film and television, and her credits includ e the ABC mini-series ‘SIMONE DE BEAUVOIR’S BABIES’ and the score for Clara Law’s feature film THE GODDESS OF 1967.  She has produced and/or engineered albums for many artists, including The Waifs and first solo albums for Ruby Hunter and Tim Rogers (You Am I).


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