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Faithful Satellite (The Black Sorrows)


1 - Cover-Faithful SatelliteIn the music of The Black Sorrows there are consistent threads and themes, a faithfully consistent darkness that adds depth to every note they play. Their upcoming release, the band’s 20th album, Faithful Satellite, is no exception and will take Joe Camilleri and the band back on the road to celebrate with an extraordinary epic, 50 date, national tour.

Faithful Satellite is the successor to the band’s last original and critically acclaimed album, Certified Blue (2014). Joe Camilleri and longtime writing partner, Nick Smith, continue to be the masters of the eclectic. No musical style is left in the corner waiting for a dance partner, just as no dark human theme is left unrevealed. Swirling images of love lost, end of the line sea journeys, voodoo, Boot Hill and wild rock ‘n roll joy rides define Faithful Satellite, a culmination of artistry which separates Joe from the rest.

“I’ve always cast a wide net,” Camilleri admits, and why not? That’s what keeps things exciting after all - for the artist and for the listener. “And it’s a good rockin’ band!”

The album was recorded at Woodstock Studios in Melbourne. Producer Joe Camilleri and co-producer John McAll have enlisted a stellar line-up of guest artists that include Vika and Linda Bull, the Davidson Brothers, The Silo String Quartet and some of the best young jazz players around.


The Black Sorrows are:

Joe Camilleri – vocals, guitar, sax, harp
John McAll – keyboards, vocals
Claude Carranza – guitar, vocals
Mark Gray – bass, vocals
Angus Burchall – drums


For more info on The Black Sorrows' 50+ date Faithful Satellite Album Launch Tour check out The Black Sorrows' website here.


Faithful Satellite is in stores 16 Sep 2016.


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