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The Revelators

The Revelators story started in the late 80's when Joe Camilleri, along with friends James Black and Joe Creighton, took to the stage as 'The Delta Revelators'.

Their desire was to blow out the serious days' work with people who shared the same interest in music and who simply wanted to play it. On stage with Pete Luscombe on drums (Black Sorrows, Paul Kelly, Rebecca's Empire) and Jeff Burstin on guitar (Black Sorrows, Vika and Linda) the word spread that this was a great band. Soon the occasional gig was not enough to keep the punters happy. Regular sessions at ID's (later became The Continental) and The Botanical Hotel had the fans asking 'When are you going to do a CD?'2 - Revelators Seated











'Amazing Stories'

'Amazing Stories' was released in 1991 and everyone in the band agreed it was the best album they had ever made. The fans felt the same and the CD is still eagerly sought after by roots music aficionados. Inspired by Joe's encyclopaedic knowledge of good music, songs from artists like the Burrito Bros., Jr Walker and Dylan were respectfully resurrected, reinterpreted and re-released.

'The Adventures of the Amazing Revelators'
Camilleri started the new Revelators' project in his back shed while working on the next Black Sorrows' album.
Months passed as everyone went their separate ways. Nicky was busy with his band Bomba, Creighton was touring the USA, and James and Joe were minding the store.

"Finally I pulled out the tapes, gave them a spin, rang James and said this stuff is pretty good but we got to do some more recording."

While waiting for Joe Creighton to return home from America, Camilleri and his trio had turned up new songs like Turn Me On ( Nina Simone), Gravel Road (Nick Lowe) and Unbreakable Chain (Daniel Lanois). In March 2000 the Revelators reunited at Woodstock to cut 6 more sides and finally the CD was completed.


Highlights of  the new 'The Adventures of the Amazing Revelators' are guest appearances from legendary guitar player (and orchestral arranger) Rick Formosa and the distinctive pedal and lap steel stylings of Ed Bates. Fans of Joe Camilleri's saxophone playing will be happy to hear him in full swing on this new CD. Crowd favourites like Mixed Up Shook Up Girl (Willie De Ville) and Bulbs (Van Morrison) have finally been lovingly recorded along with a reworking of the classic Buddy Holly song Raining In My Heart. A new blues track from Camilleri, Ride On, reveals Joe to be a great blues guitarist in his own right. The influential writer Arthur Alexander was the source for If It 's Really Got To Be This Way plus the band has resurrected a Skip James' track Cypress Grove Blues and Lonnie Johnson's 20's classic Careless Love. Camilleri's long time favourite, Garland Jeffries, provided The Matador and Gram Parsons' Burrito Brothers supplied Sin City.
The Revelators are amazingly talented friends whose joy in playing is apparent in every note. Great songs, great singing and great playing make 'The Adventures of the Amazing Revelators' essential listening for all music fans.

Joe Camilleri puts it quite simply "I love playing with The Revelators."

Joe Camilleri is a household name in Australia. With both Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons and The Black Sorrows, Joe Camilleri has twice enjoyed the kind of success most musicians only dream of. 'Hit and Run', 'Shape I'm In', 'Chained to the Wheel' and 'Harley and Rose' all define a time and are testimony to Camilleri's ability as a songwriter. Guitarist, singer and saxophonist, Joe is truly one of the country's great performers. Also a highly regarded producer, Joe has worked with numerous artists including Renée Geyer and Tiddas, as well as producing many discs for his own Jazzhead label and the bulk of recordings by The Black Sorrows.

James Black
has been there with Camilleri on all The Sorrows' releases. A founding member of Mondo Rock and Gang Gajang, Black kicks in on the Hammond, piano and guitar. An accomplished producer whose credits include The Black Sorrows, Mondo Rock and Things of Stone and Wood, James keeps his interest in roots music alive performing and recording with diverse artists including the Moonee Valley Drifters, Dianna Kiss, Dodge, Leslie Avril, and The Redliners.

Joe Creighton, a Belfast native, took the flower child road and ended up in Australia. His journey saw him as a band member of various groups in Europe, USA and Japan. Still a lover of Guiness, Creighton is perhaps best known as bass player of choice for John Farnham, Kylie Minogue and Olivia Newton-John. He is also remembered for his work in the seminal 70's group Billy T with Ross Hannaford plus the great Mark Gillespie albums of the same period. He has gigged or recorded with artists as diverse as Human Nature, Boz Scaggs, Crowded House, Ray Charles, Jimmy Barnes and Sir George Martin. Creighton is currently putting the finishing touches on his second solo CD, the follow-up to his widely acclaimed 1994 solo debut 'Holywell'.