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Bellatrix (Jeff Raglus)2 - Cover Bellatrix

Jeff ‘Ragee’ Raglus, the guy that brought you The Bachelors From Prague, The Feeling Groovies, Fogg and The Beachniks now brings you his solo debut, Bellatrix.  As a prolific visual artist Raglus has been exhibiting for years. Whether as creator of Schnorky the Wavepuncher, Mambo designer extraordinaire, a working artist or musician, Ragee maintains a creative output of incredible depth and quality.  Bellatrix has been described as psychedelic folk, but then there are also moments of acid cocktail and splashes of salt spray laced surf. This whimsical folk funk experience has hints of Raglus’ musical pedigree but spun with a kiss from today.



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