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Bakelite Radio have charted a strange path in the making of their CDs. The story began in late '99 during their first studio sessions. The tracks were sounding great but a shift in direction arose. The band did more demo's, recorded some of those originals and completed the disc. It didn't seem right to call the release anything but Volume II.

Moving forward nearly nine years to Volume IV sessions and an odd thing happened. Bakelite Radio had moved back to the feel of the '99 sessions. These tracks reminded the guys of that starting point years before. Old demo's were dusted off, other tracks tweaked and, combining the sounds from Volume IV sessions felt right.

Bakelite Radio Volume I, where it all began.


Featuring: Joe Camilleri, Joe Creighton, Claude Carranza, Tony Floyd, James Black, Ed Bates, Wayne Burt, Simon Starr, Nicky Bomba, Stephen Hadley, Wilbur Wilde, John McAll


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