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The New Everything (Tess McKenna)1 - The New Everything Cover

In stunning vocal form Tess McKenna steps up as producer-singer-songwriter of her enticing album #4, The New Everything.

Barefaced folk and dirty bang bang blues to sonic rock overdrive McKenna’s sultry voice pulls you into a thrilling musical journey. Listen to her incredible sweetly styled vocals on the title track, through to hints of country pop on Photograph and new folk twists in Poncho Style; this style is pure Tess.  Authentic, soulful and intimate.

Recorded over a year in the low-fi setting of Fatsound Studio, West Melbourne, The New Everything is subterranean at heart. McKenna and Barry Stockley (co-producer/bass) together with longtime pals Ash Davies (drums), Karen Mary Rush (bass/vocals) and special guest players, have recaptured the warmth and space of her critically acclaimed debut album, Make Me Wonder. Singing and playing guitar as she likes it is how we like it.

The New Everything is out on Head Records.


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