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Sun Signs (Monique diMattina)1 - Unnamed


Melbourne pianist Monique diMattina’s Sun Signs is a mesmerizing collection of exquisite solo piano.

Following the success of SENSES for solo piano, we are proud to present the long awaited thrilling sequel SUN SIGNS.

Classed as dreams and meditations for solo piano, diMattina weaves lyrical sketches with lithe improvisations reminiscent of Philip Glass, Gabriel Faure and Keith Jarrett. 

Calm notes with a sharp intelligence, this luscious soundscape is the thinking person’s zen escape.

Out now thru Head Records.



Fnd Monique each Sunday morning on Triple R Fm where together with Tim Thorpe they have a lot of fun presenting ‘Shaken, Not Rehearsed’. A concept where listeners call in with a song idea and Monique writes to order, within the hour. It is worth tuning in, 102.7 at 8:45am Sundays.


The Sun by Head Records


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