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The Beachniks


1 - The Beachniks


The scene: the Victorian Surf Coast. Lorne. The 1950’s. Enter one espresso machine. Gaggio? Wega? No-one knows. What is known is that it was one of the first in Australia. It was the Arab Café. It was cool! Real coffee came to town and with it came flocking the surf savvy beatniks after one of the few chances of espresso about. Perhaps the only cup with surf on hand. The locals dubbed these strangers, these coffee sipping surfers Beachniks.

Some forty years on a bunch of local musicians get together for a gig at The Mermaid Café in Torquay. Half pop, half jazzy and all enjoy a dip in the drink. The Beachniks were born!

The Beachniks have travelled and played the length of the Surf Coast, avoiding Melbourne (which they deem to be evil). Their jazz-pop-reggae grooves built them a truly loyal follow- ing. There have been wild parties and jumping nights from deep in the Otways all the way to Queenscliff.